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5 Advantages of Hiring Freelancers Over Full-Time Employees

5 Advantages of Hiring Freelancers Over Full-Time Employees

If your gut reaction to this blog’s title is “Someone in-house is always better than outsourcing!” we’re glad you’re here.

We fully understand why, on paper, a full-time employee sounds like the obvious choice. But before you write off taking a new approach to growing your business, consider these five advantages of hiring freelancers over full-time employees.

1. Freelancers are typically more invested in their work

They’re not just working for a paycheck but also building their own businesses. Since a freelancer’s reputation is their livelihood, they’re highly motivated to keep their clients happy. This means they’re more likely to be responsive to your needs. Of course, you have a responsibility to be collaborative and helpful to the freelancer you hire, but you’ll also find most freelancers to be extremely self-driven professionals.

2. Freelancers make excellent coaches

When you hire a freelancer, you hire an expert, typically with a specific professional skill. While you can easily work with a freelancer solely to complete a specific project or reach a particular outcome, a good freelancer can also become a guide. If you’re curious about their methodology, ask about it. Most freelancers are happy to share details so clients understand their processes. Additionally, some freelancers offer coaching and consulting services with the sole purpose of expanding your skillset.

3. Freelancers are often more flexible

Since they’re not tied to a specific schedule or location, freelancers can be more responsive to your needs. This can be a huge benefit for SMBs, which often need to be able to scale their workforce up or down quickly. You should still be respectful of a freelancer’s time (after all, they’re still a person and likely have multiple clients). Still, their hyper-focus on a specific initiative and ability to decide their schedule is a major benefit to outsourcing your projects. (Here’s a related bonus reason: hiring freelancers is often more time and cost-effective than full-time employees.)

From expertise to flexibility-freelancers can offer your business a valuable edge.

4. Freelancers tend to be more creative with solutions

That saying about not seeing the forest for the trees applies here. Simply by being an outsider, a freelancer can see gaps and solutions that you and your team might be missing. There are many benefits to getting third-party eyes on your projects. Hiring an objective expert to look under the hood is an excellent way to boost your organization’s effectiveness.

5. Freelancers are extremely experienced with feedback

Whether giving it or receiving it, freelancers deal with feedback daily. If a project isn’t going how you imagined, you simply need to communicate it to keep things moving. Hiring a freelancer doesn’t mean it’s open season to leave manners or professionalism at the door, but there is more wiggle room for honesty. Freelancers are also more likely to give you feedback as an equal partner on a project instead of a looming superior they must always say “yes” to. Remember: your freelancer wants the project to succeed just as much as you do — their reputation is involved just as much as your organization’s.

There you have it: five advantages of hiring a freelancer over a full-time employee. As a small to midsize business owner, resources may be more scarce than you’d like, while results are non-negotiable.

So, if you’re looking to add another loyal and dedicated team member, consider hiring a freelancer. You’ll be surprised at how much they can offer your business.

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